Pathway to CPO

This short video outlines the basic steps from high school graduation to becoming a certified Prosthetist/Orthotist. It is a great place to start if you have discovered the field and want to learn more about what you would need to do to become a clinician.

If you watch this and want even more details about each step, you should read the blog post “Path to Becming a CPO“.

Curriculum Comparison

Curriculum Comparison Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet gives an overview of the curriculum of each program currently accredited by NCOPE. It includes the number of semesters, format (online vs. on campus), published courses, and number of credits required to graduate.

Most programs offer a similar curriculum and require between 60-70 total credits to earn the degree. A few programs require significantly more and a few significantly fewer.

In a later post I will explore the outliers and talk about what they are doing differently.

Cost Comparison

O&P Program Cost Comparison

Follow the link above to see a spreadsheet that compares the published costs of the different O&P Programs.

The cost of living is only an estimate and can vary drastically based on lifestyle decisions. The estimates were taken from the Economic Policy Institute family budget calculator with one adult entered as the family size. Knowing that students tend to be more frugal, I also scaled the total monthly cost down by 30% to arrive at the estimate you will find on the spreadsheet.